LV Y-90 Disc

Yttrium-90 Episcleral Brachytherapy Source

The Liberty Vision Yttrium-90 Disc, or LV Y-90 Disc, is a novel, high dose rate beta radiation disc source. The LV Y-90 Disc has been FDA 510(k) cleared for episcleral brachytherapy of ocular tumors and benign growths.

The LV Y-90 Disc includes a highpurity yttrium-90 radionuclide. Liberty Vision has selected Y-90 due to its relatively low penetration in tissue, rapid dose delivery, and short half-life (64 hours). The short Y-90 half-life enables safe disposal for medical facilities and the environment. The LV Y-90 Disc was designed for a single-use, making it a perfect choice for convenience and safety.

Currently, the LV Y-90 Disc is offered in 6mm diameter, with the 10mm version coming soon. These two size options can accommodate many types of eye disease. Each Disc can be affixed into an iWand® A or iWand® P depending on the ocular location. 

Contact a Liberty Vision specialist to determine the ideal option to meet your patient needs. 

Two Y-90 Disc sizes are shows. The 6mm diameter version is available now. The 10mm diameter version is available soon.

Liberty Vision has developed Yttrium-90 Discs – novel, disc-shaped, beta-emitting brachytherapy sources in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Radiation is Not Just for Cancer Treatment

It is well established in studies and practice that radiation can not only control tumors, but close blood vessels (old and new), and prevent scarring. Ocular radiation devices have successfully treated both ocular tumors and growths including: pterygium, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma of the conjunctiva as well as posterior ocular tumors such as uveal melanoma, retinoblastoma, choroidal and retinal vascular tumors. Whether a tumor is anteriorly or posteriorly located, the goal of treatment remains the same: destruction of the abnormal cells and/or blood vessel supply (neovascularization) to prevent scarring with minimal damage to normal surrounding tissues.

Beta Radiation

Not all radiation is created equal. LV Y-90 Disc beta irradiation is ideal for select ocular tumors and benign growths due to its favorable dose distribution.

The LV Y-90 Disc is a beta radiation source and the optimal treatment choice when the goal is to limit the treatment depth and side-scatter. When used for the eye, episcleral beta radiation penetrates only millimeters into tissue, This is important when treating near the lens, optic disc, and retina. In addition, beta radiation is easily shielded which minimizes radiation exposure to the physician and patient. However, it is our uniquely designed iWand hand-held applicators that makes treating eye disease both simple and accurate.