Liberty Vision presents LV Y-90 Discs and iWand® Applicators for the treatment of ocular tumors and benign growths.

Y-90 Disc

Yttrium-90 Episcleral Brachytherapy Source

  • High-purity beta radiation disc source, single use
  • Configurable activity for each order
  • Quick treatment, dwell time of minutes, not days
  • Environmentally friendly, decays in weeks, not decades

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LV Y-90 Discs


Manual Radionuclide Applicator System

  • Facilitates accurate LV Y-90 Disc positioning
  • Minimally invasive, extraocular, single use
  • Anterior with integrated transparent shielding features
  • Posterior with integrated positioning light features

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the LV iWand

Our mission is to bring advanced technology and methods to vision care, resulting in a better quality of life for patients and greater therapeutic value for physicians.


Liberty Vision’s beta radiation discs and applicators are designed for ocular use. Our CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Paul T. Finger, MD, has spent decades researching and perfecting ophthalmic radiation devices through clinical research in collaboration with world-renowned medical physics and radiation experts. This knowledge has been used to perfect Liberty Vision’s Y-90 Disc radiation sources and its iWand® series of hand-held applicators.

Safe and Effective Treatments

Liberty Vision recognized the unmet potential to treat many eye diseases with radiation. This drove Liberty Vision to create and patent delivery systems that make application of brachytherapy straightforward, accurate, and easy to use.

Liberty Vision’s mission is to create the tools eye doctors need to deliver safe and effective radiation to maximize their patient outcomes.