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Liberty Vision Presents The iWand

LIBERTY VISION Has Developed the iWand®, a Simple  Device Developed To Treat Wet AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration).

Our mission is to bring advanced technology and methods to vision care, resulting in a better quality of life for patients and greater therapeutic value for physicians.


Liberty Vision has developed a radiation therapy delivery system called the iWand® built to enable practitioners to deliver a prescribed dose of radiation to the eyes’ macular retina. The iWand® features a disc-shaped radioactive element at the end of our patented hand-held delivery system.

In addition, the iWand® is able to emit multiple points of light from the periphery of the tip which surround the radiation source. These lights are visible to the retinal specialist by looking through the pupil using an ophthalmoscope. As the lights encircle the treatment zone, they are used to positively locate the radiation treatment beneath the diseased macula. The iWand® light-guided radiation device was developed to be a simple and accurate system for delivering radiation to a target tissue.


Liberty Vision Secures Larger Facilities

In this season of growth and change, here at Liberty Vision we are truly embracing the spirit of spring as we announce our move to a larger facility in the beautiful city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Serving as a hub of innovation and technology, this historic town...

Congratulate Kyle Mohney

Liberty Vision would like to congratulate Kyle Mohney on his recent promotion to the position of Vice-President of Operations! Kyle has also been added to our Board of Directors. Kyle Mohney is a mechanical engineer with 17 years of experience within the medical...

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