iWand A

Anterior Manual Radionuclide Applicator

Key Features

  • The LV Y-90 Disc is attached flush to the surface of the iWand A applicator tip.
  • The applicator tip that surrounds the LV Y-90 Disc is made from advanced polymers to effectively block the beta radiation side-scatter for the protection of collateral tissues and the practitioner’s hand.
  • The transparent material of the applicator wand allows the practitioner to match the LV Y-90 Disc to the treatment site during application. 
  • The iWand A applicator’s contact surface diameter has been made as small as possible to offer the least amount of placement interference from the eyelids.
  • The slender shaft of the wand is angled slightly to allow an optimal ergonomic position for the practitioner’s hand to rest while the source is being applied.
  • The handle is shaped to give excellent control and feel during the application.
  • The entire device weighs less than 8 grams, lighter than most pens, thus keeping fatigue to a minimum.

Liberty Vision has developed the iWand® A to be a simple device for episcleral brachytherapy of tumors and benign growths.

The iWand A was designed for episcleral beta radiation. The superlight iWand A radiation applicator can be directly applied to the anterior ocular target. This complete system has been designed with both safety and efficacy in mind.

The anterior segment applicator features an advanced see-through polymer that shields the surgeon from radiation exposure while allowing a view of the ocular target during treatment. Each iWand A is individually packaged and sterile for single-use. These unique LV features markedly improve on prior beta radiation brachytherapy techniques.


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