In the 2024 copy of VISION magazine, Duke Eye Center features the Liberty Vision Y-90 Disc procedure that the center has recently started performing. Under the guidance of Dr. Miguel Materin, MD, Division Chief of Duke’s newly formed Division of Ocular Oncology, Duke became one of the first three sites to utilize LV’s high dose-rate (HDR) yttrium-90 (Y-90) for ocular brachytherapy.

“We’re honored to have been chosen as one of the first centers in the country to offer this innovation in patient care;” said Materin. “Y-90 is an incredibly less-invasive procedure that replaces traditional therapy and will positively contribute to the evolution of ocular oncology on a national scale.”

See the full article in VISION 2024 here: VISION 2024 by Duke Eye Center – VISION magazine – Issuu

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