In this season of growth and change, here at Liberty Vision we are truly embracing the spirit of spring as we announce our move to a larger facility in the beautiful city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Serving as a hub of innovation and technology, this historic town is a beautiful patchwork of old and new, complete with picturesque water-front entertainment, heaps of New England charm, and some of the nicest people you’d ever hope to meet. We are all so thankful that our work is here in Portsmouth; where we feel right at home.

Conveniently located just off historic US Route 1, our new industrial facility at 300 West Road boasts manufacturing, office, conference, meeting and warehouse space. With this additional square footage comes the room to grow our staff while also providing the facilities to bring the iWand® to market.

We at Liberty Vision are dedicated to elevate the suffering of patients with sight-threatening disorders, (e.g. age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the leading cause of vision loss in Americans over 60 years old. Liberty Vision has developed a radiation therapy delivery system designed to deliver a small, targeted dose of radiation to the AMD-affected tissue. We hope to improve the lives of millions of AMD-sufferers with the iWand®, and our new home gives us plenty of room to do just that.

We will miss our old cobblestone street in Portsmouth’s downtown Market Square. However, this new stage of growth is an exciting time for our company that serves as an example of our dedication to bring advanced technology and methods to vision care. We promise to relentless pursue technology that offer a better quality of life for patients and greater therapeutic value for physicians. 

If you ever find yourself making the drive from Key West, FL up US Route 1 to Canada, or if you find yourself drawn to the history, culture, and charm of Portsmouth, we hope you’ll stop by to say hello. 

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